Maranatha Bible Church Chicago

Our Story

A testimony of God's goodness and power

It began at a conference...

In September 2014, during a young adults Christian conference in Michigan called Maranatha Shabiba, a group of young people experienced something special. On the last evening service of the weekend, the Lord visited many hearts with an unusual conviction that caused the meeting to extend far beyond what was planned. On that night, Daniel Batarseh was invited to speak, though he was not the planned speaker for that year.

It was through a message that challenged people to examine themselves concerning their salvation, that a large group of young people from Chicago, Illinois gave their hearts to Christ. Little did people know that it was on this night that God began to write a story that He is still writing to this day.
Maranatha Shabiba 2014

Something more than emotion...

Though it was undeniable that the Lord moved on that night, it was the hunger of these young people afterwards that proved the sincerity of their change. These freshly saved souls yearned to meet, learn, and grow in their knowledge of Christ as much as possible. Though Daniel was living in Canada at the time, he would frequently visit to help disciple and teach, until he finally moved to Chicago to be a full-time young adults pastor in January, 2015.

The passion of this group led to prayer meetings, a Friday Night Bible study and a gathering on the Lord's Day for many years. While these new disciples were nearly meeting on a daily basis, the Lord by His grace was adding to their number. 

Where we are now...

Space on this page cannot contain all the testimonies of what God has done between 2014-2021. But through His perfect providence, the Lord nurtured this group that started with a little over a dozen young people, to now being a multiethnic and multigenerational local church with a deep passion for the truth.

The reason for the name "Maranatha Bible Church" is because it stands as a memorial of where everything began for this ministry: at a life-altering service during a retreat called Maranatha Shabiba, which was held at the well-known Maranatha Bible & Missionary Conference in Muskegon, Michigan. We give God all the glory and are eager to experience what chapters He has yet to write as we humbly serve Him.