Maranatha Bible Church Chicago

Men & Women

MBC has Saturday breakfast meetings for both men and women every other month. These separate gatherings allow brothers and sisters to delve deeper into their spiritual journeys and build meaningful connections with others.

Our Men's Gathering focuses on the challenges and triumphs of being men of faith in today's world. Through prayer, singing, testimonies, and fellowship, we support each other in becoming the strong, compassionate, and faithful leaders God called us to be.

Similarly, our Women's Gathering is a place where women can come together to explore their faith, share their stories, and support one another. We delve into the hearing testimonies and cultivate a sense of community that encourages personal and spiritual growth.

Both gatherings provide a space for mutual support and a deeper connection with the Lord through growing relationships with one another. Keep an eye our on our News & Events page for upcoming breakfasts!